At Southeastern Tennis we use industry leading techniques to ensure strength and longevity for all of our courts.

Grind and Rebuild

To create a stronger foundation for your courts, we use a technique known as Full Depth Reclamation (FDR). The pavement is uniformly pulverized and blended together to produce a homogeneous stabilized base. After this process is complete we add a stone layer and an additional 2-inch minimum of compacted asphalt. This ensures maximum strength and durability.

Curb and Rebuild

For this method we use the existing fence posts as a framework to pour a 6-inch high curb around the perimeter of the court. Inside the curb we install a minimum of 4 inches of compacted stone and a minimum of 2 inches compacted asphalt. This rebuild is used for courts with extensive cracking but no severe base of drainage problems.

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