The investment required to construct or rebuild a tennis court or court facility is substantial, therefore it is important that sufficient time and effort are spent at the planning stage so that future problems are minimized.

At Southeastern Tennis we assist our customers in designing and constructing the best courts based on the customers needs and budget. We take great pride in the quality construction of new courts; we have consistently built the best courts in the Atlanta area since 1966.

With over 45 years of experience, we are the best and most experienced tennis court contractor in Georgia. All of our paving, fencing, and surfacing crews have skills unmatched in the tennis court industry. There is no substitute for experience.

We begin every construction project with careful and proper base preparation, and pave the courts under the best conditions using the most advanced paving equipment. We then finish our courts with a 100% acrylic, durable, high performance, all weather color system. This color system contains more pigment enhancers to ensure you get the very best color throughout the life of the surface.

We install our courts using the very best materials available, all in accordance with the guidelines of the American Sports Builders Association. Our tennis courts are built with:

  • The most durable fence materials
  • The best lighting systems available
  • The highest caliber finishing and surfacing products

To add the final touch to each court, we also carry a full line of supplies, windscreens, and court accessories. And every new court is backed by our five-year new construction warranty – the longest warranty in the business!

Hard Courts

Asphalt tennis courts are the most common type of hard courts in Georgia. They are comprised of a minimum of 4” compacted crushed stone base and a minimum of 2” compacted asphalt. We make sure the asphalt cures properly before beginning the acrylic color coating process. This coating protects the court from the elements, enhances its appearance, and affects the playing characteristics of the court. Properly installed hard courts are durable and require relatively low maintenance. The lifespan of an asphalt tennis court is 20 to 25 years, with resurfacing recommended every five years.

Cushioned Courts

Cushioned courts have a special rubber coating applied to the asphalt before the acrylic color coating process begins. A cushioned court is an exceptional choice when you want to maximize your tennis court investment and increase recreational enjoyment.

  • It is more resistant to surface cracking
  • It reduces impact and fatigue for the player’s knees, ankles and feet
  • It is more resistant to climate changes and U.V. effects

Cushioned courts offer better shock absorption as well as an all-weather surface for a year-round play. The amount of cushion can vary from 1/8 inch to 1/3 depending on how many coats of rubber material are applied.

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