The truth about crack repair products!

Southeastern Tennis Courts is proud to be the world's #1 installer of the Armor® Crack Repair System. Armor Crack Repair has been in existence since 1993. It is a patented product and is used by contractors all over the world. Since 2004 we have installed over 12 miles of Armor with zero failures. We guarantee that the treated cracks will not reappear for three years.

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Our success with the Armor Crack Repair has been outstanding and we have a long list of proven installations. However, other contractors have attempted to capitalize on our success and introduced "knock off " crack repair systems. This has created some misconceptions in the marketplace.

We now regularly hear that "contractor x " installs their own crack repair product and
claim that it's the same thing as Armor......WRONG!

Here is what their "guaranteed" repairs look like:

Delamination is widespread. Armor never delaminates.
These repairs failed within six months. Court is a hazard

Armor Crack repair has a track record of success: these products have a track record of failure. Customers were promised results would be "the same as Armor ". As you can see, talk is cheap. And their products are even cheaper. All of these photos have been taken in the Atlanta area within the last few months.And we are getting more reports of failures all the time. Once, a customer told me that they chose the other product due to its longer warranty! Others have stated that their courts have become unplayable

The repair product is cheap and ineffective.
A legitimate repair doesn't peel up.
It appears that their "guarantee" merely consists of touching up their failures

These failed jobs all came with a "guarantee ". It seems as though the guarantee only includes continual "touching up" the failed crack repair. We can honestly say that we have never had to even "touch up" an Armor repair.

These courts will never be right! All of the other crack repair product must be completely removed and replaced with the Armor Crack Repair.

If you are planning on using a crack repair system on your tennis courts, do your research. Don't fall for hollow promises.

Armor works! It's guaranteed! Call Southeastern Tennis Courts today 770-921-0434!