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Nets and Accessories

Center Strap
Adjustable white woven nylon, includes double hook
Net Check
measures proper net height quickly and accurately
Net Lacing Twine
black polytwine
$5.50 - 100ft spool
$21.00 - 500ft spool
Replacement Headband
heavy duty vinyl with rolled edges, double stitching and brass grommets. Lacing cord included.
Light Duty Net Crank
external open-gear, steel. Available in green or black
Heavy Duty Net Crank
external covered-gear, aluminum. Available in green or black.
Edwards Net Crank
internal gear, brass.
Economy Net
2.5 twisted polyethylene mesh, vinyl coated headband.
1 year limited warranty.
Edwards Aussie Net
3.0 braided polyethylene mesh, vinyl coated headband
3 year limited warranty
Edwards Outback Net
3.0 braided polyethylene mesh, vinyl coated headband, top five rows are double mesh,
5 year limited warranty